Thursday, July 30, 2009

STFU, I'm Laughing

I have never been quite so entertained in my entire life as I have been this last twenty-four hours, having discovered such gems of websites. Oh my dear lord.

It began with Josh Groban's twitter feed and one of his latest tweets (cos me and Joshie G are "like this"). It was simple. All he did was post a link: Awkward Family Photos Nearly died laughing. Cannot tell you how much time I spent laughing at all the photos. I think it's the denim photos, especially. There's one of a couple looking lovingly and erotically into each other's eyes, and the denim jackets that they're wearing are just revolting. Oh my god, funny.

Then, my brother linked me to this: Passive-Aggressive Notes Holy hell! Hilarious! I mean, there are the normal type (normal type?!) of weird notes, which are badly spelled, not punctuated at all and just plain crazy, but then, there are also passive-aggressive notes from people that you can just tell are normally very reasonable people but have been pushed over the edge. I especially liked the SMS about the alarm clock. That was very clever.

All of these websites tend to link to other websites, of course, and then I discovered these:

STFU, Believers
A collection of screen-shots that people have sent in, where crazy religious believers have plastered their beliefs all over their Facebook posts.

STFU, Marrieds The same thing as above, only with Smug Marrieds (to quote Bridget Jones' Diary), or people who are so smug in their relationships that they may as well be married. Be warned - it's nauseating.

STFU, Parents
The same as above, only with Facebook posts from people who used to be interesting but now have babies and like to update their statuses about their babies' poo.

I feel that these three are a little more genuine than the next two, due to the comma thing.

STFU Jezebel Apparently this blog makes fun of a blog called Jezebel. I have never encountered Jezebel. Am I missing something?

STFU Marrieds With Babies
And this blog... Well, this blog is empty altogether! Sadness...

And this blog's header made me laugh. It's called: STFU, I BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

No, no, thank YOU very much.



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