Thursday, August 27, 2009

A rather graphic TV advertisement

Apparently, the British have got the right idea. In the local newspaper at home in Tasmania, they're debating the merits of showing this ad on Tasmanian television. I say DO IT! This ad frightens the willies out of me, and I don't text while driving! The next time you're a passenger in a car and the driver pulls out their phone, demand that they stop the car and let you get out to walk! Tell them that you're not prepared to ride in a car driven by a suicidal maniac.

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Anonymous said...

Using phones while driving has been banned in the UK for quite a while now, yet you will still see people using them.

I forget when it was when a lorry driver ploughed into a family while texting and killed them all, but it horrified the nation enough and made many people aware.

A more recent mythbusters that I happened to catch did a comparison between the mobile phone and drink driving and sourced UK research that showed mobiles were worse than drinking for your concentration.

Then again - we do have some of the most congested roads.