Monday, May 4, 2009

Self Defense Umbrellas

I'm not really sure what to think.


The 'Umbuster'
DESIGNER: Sruli Recht
PRICE: US $330

This is an umbrella with an 'ergonomically positioned knuckle duster handle configuration'. It has been listed as a class 5 weapon in the US, and owning one requires a weapons and/or gun license.

'The Unbreakable Umbrella'
PRICE: US $179.95

The Unbreakable Umbrella comes in both the crook and straight knob handle varieties, and is legal all over the world. Although it is as strong as a steel pipe, it weighs only 775 g. Oh, and there's a video:


Kate Davies said...

This reminds me of
the Avengers...

Natalie Faye said...

Oh, The Avengers. Yes! The umbrella work in that show is awesome. I love Diana Rigg. Pity Ralph Fiennes and Sean Connery couldn't save the awful movie version.