Sunday, June 21, 2009

Harry Potter The (Unofficial, Not-For-Profit) Musical

I really shouldn't be enjoying this ... but I am. I'm only up to Act 1 Part 4, and it is hilarious. Cleverly written, brilliant characters, and "awesome" songs.

Harry Potter The Musical Act One Part One

I would have posted the video, but:
1) I don't know how coz I've never tried; and
2) I don't have a YouTube account because technically I'm not supposed to watch YouTube videos at home because our monthly download allowance doesn't stretch far enough between six people and six computers.


Bryony Thorpe said...

Okay, so I'm done with Act One. Major arghhh of doom at the Dramione ship. Other than that ... Oh, Goyle rules.

Natalie Faye said...

You post a video by copying the 'embed' code on youtube, and pasting it into the 'HTML' tab window when you make a blog entry! To centre it, just add HTML center tags before and after it.