Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spam/junk mail

My friend Nick over here (currently offline - he's rebuilding it - bloody web designers) made me laugh recently when he responded to a few spam emails that he'd received recently, in which the sender promised him millions of dollars if they could only borrow his bank account for a little while. Well, I decided to keep track of my spam emails for a week or so and see what arrived. Unfortunately, nothing too interesting arrived (except for hundreds from an application on Facebook called "SpeedDate" - I don't EVER remember adding THAT), but these following emailers obviously have their hearts in the right place:

From: Roddy Larson
Subject: 1 week - 2 kilos off
Content: You'll tap any woman you want [link]

From: Minna Cardenas
Subject: Powerful growth formula
Content: Deeper penetration possible! [link]

From: Theodora Locke
Subject: Where her happiness lies
Content: You can notice: gray hair, wrinkles on your forehead, glasses for reading, the worst thing is ED! [link]

From: Desmond Robertson
Subject: The best thing is your wonderful drilling mastery in an hour after taking!
Content: New discounted pilules everyday. [link]

From: Joseph Roach
Subject: Get smashing love power
Content: Make your volcano erupt more lava [link]

Hilarious to me.

What I want to know is - what's E.D.?


Meghan Hanley said...

ED is Erectile Dysfunction...oh dear.

Pamela Andrews said...

Ohhh, is it? Right. How did YOU know that?

Kate Davies said...

Pfft. I exchange best spam title of the day with a guy who works for the company we share our office space with.

Some of the highlights:

"Power drillo won't be flaccid"
"Empower your bed event"
"Does your meat compass point south?"
"Fight male sluggishness!"
"Make your volcano erupt more lava"
"Rhianna showed stupidity"
"Jackson was caught caressing a dog"

Then again, I do clear out the spam from a mailbox for a company that sends out 100,000 emails a week probably...