Friday, April 24, 2009


I know the times on this blog are a bit screwy, but today, April 25, is ANZAC DAY in Australia.

ANZAC Day is celebrated in Australia on 25th April every year

in rememberance of the lost lives of our fighting forces in all wars.

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.




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The said...

Woah she has some lungs on her!

I always used to attend remembrance day church with the guides (Nov 11th), and we had twins who played the trumpet. They used to stand either side of the church and play TLP together, which never failed to send shivers up your spine.

Its a very beautiful performance, but for me, the solitary bugle call is my favourite for goose-pimple, hairs on back of the neck feeling at these remembrance days.

Alas, I find this one a little too fast in tempo: clicky