Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The 90s

So after seeing PJ & Duncan (a.k.a. Ant and Dec) on that previous video Pam posted, I started thinking about all the good and bad music tha emerged from the 90s (mostly bad). I thought I'd start a little project in which we all post the songs we grew up with in the 90s. These songs aren't the songs YOU personally listened to and loved, but the ones you heard when you turned on the radio, the ones you danced to at every party, the ones you knew the lyrics to even though you despised them, and most of all, the ones that remind you of all the trauma and fun you had as a kid and teenager in that era.

I'll start off with my playlist and in the comments, list the songs that also apply to you. Then, think about the songs I did not have in mine, but that also shaped your 90s experience, and put them in your playlist!

Create a playlist at

If any of the tracks don't work, it's because Mixpod killed them and not because I didn't test my playlist before posting it. I don't know why but there are certain musicians who don't seem to want their songs used in this manner, so only remixes and live versions of their songs can be found. When someone uploads the original, it gets deleted rather quickly. Not sure if I picked any such songs...

There are two versions of 'Missing' by Everything But The Girl in my playlist because if I had to pick ONE SONG of the 90s that encapsulates the decade for me, it would be 'Missing'. The first version is one of the remixes, and the second version is the original track. I'm rather annoyed because Mixpod does not seem to have the specific Todd Terry remix of the song that I'm after, as that's the one that was the most popular at my school.

Oh and in case "Close To You" by Fun Factory did not sufficiently blow you away, here is another version of the song, complete with extra rapping. It is a fine masterpiece of a music video if I do say so myself. I mean, those sweet 90s dance moves. How will you ever pick your jaw off the floor and recover from the amazement?


1. To create a playlist, go to You will find that hundreds of options pop up after you key in the title of a song. Which oh which will you select? Well, I have found that the songs that are NOT uploaded to Youtube load faster (they usually have a picture of a blank silver CD next to them, as opposed to the Youtube music, which has different colourful images). Of course, not all the blank silver CD tracks load equally fast so you usually have to play a few to see which loads the best. The fastest ones have loading bars that zoom to the end quite quickly. If a song seems to pause every few seconds when you play it due to the slow loading speed, it is best to pick another one (unless it just so happens that your own internet connection is extremely slow, and thus, all songs load slowly as a result).

2. Sometimes, a track doesn't have any versions with the blank silver CD icon, and all the versions are slow-loading Youtube ones. It's up to you but personally, I just wind up chucking out the song coz if it's going to take forever to load when I play the Mixpod, I get frustrated.

3. When you are customising your Mixpod, go to "Settings" and nix the autoplay, because if all our Mixpods autoplayed, our blog would be in trouble.



P.S. Wow. I actually managed to use all 5 blog categories in one post!


Bryony Thorpe said...

Ha ha, Talie, I share so many of your songs, I wasn't sure if there would be any left for me to even create a playlist! Britney Spears, La Bouche, Eiffel65, Snap, Savage Garden, The Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, Verve, Bon Jovi ... Too cool for school, man. Alas, I was unable to find '5,6,7,8' by Steps to include in my Mixpod ... but it's eclectic enough without it.

Apologies, it wouldn't accept the Blogger code as a comment!

Natalie Faye said...

Oh man! I'm so glad you included Whigfield's 'Sexy Eyes'. It's so weird because that was one of the FIRST songs I put on my playlist and yet somehow... it's not there?? Might have accidentally removed it by mistake. Also, you have quite a few tracks I used to dance to at clubs all the time coz the DJ would put them on like... every three hours. I just never knew the names of the songs till I heard them on your playlist because when you're at a club, you don't usually go ask the DJ what he's spinning haha (Bomfunk MC's 'Freestyler', 'Around The Word' by ATC and 'Adelante' by Sash are what I'm talking about). Wow, the fact that I danced to those songs makes me sound like the biggest Ah Lian *dies*. But back in those days, the clubs that would let underage kids in, dodgy fake ID or not, were the ones that played Ah Lian music!!

The songs I didn't include in my playlist were PJ & Duncan's 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble' and 'Eternal Love' (no good versions of either on Mixpod) and 'Infinity' by Usura & Datura, which is oh my god, the most Ah Lian song in the entire universe. I hated it but knew all the lyrics because the one Ah Lian in my class used to sit behind me, singing it all the time. It has golden lyrics such as, "[Spoken] Welcome aboard. Relax your minds. And stimulate your third eye. All shaman are at your disposal. You are protected. You. Are. PRO-TEC-TED. We are starting a journey towards the unknown. DESTINATION: Infinity. [Echoes] Infinity... infinity... *INSERT BIG TECHNO EURODANCE ELECTRO BEATS HERE. Everyone in the club busts out their moves, complete with hand actions and fancy leg work*.... Sha la la la la, sha la la la la la la, sha la la la, sha la la la la la la (I may or may not have left out a few 'Sha la la las')... *YET ANOTHER GIANT TECHNO SEQUENCE HERE. The kids who can't dance stick one finger into the air, wagging it to the beat vigorously and enthusiastically.*... One two three four, shaman knocking at the door, five six seven eight, close your eyes for inner space, nine ten eleven, destination heaven, numberless reality, vision of infinity."

Now I know everyone wants to go and listen to this song immediately. I found a youtube of it:

Pamela Andrews said...

Oh god, what a blast from the past. I was SO UP with the top 40 charts from about 1997-2000 (my high school years, if you're paying attention). My God. I was into The Corrs, S Club 7, The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Tina Arena, Mariah Carey, Ultimate Kaos, Popsie, Something For Kate, The Whitlams, Savage Garden... oh, Savage Garden... oh, Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones... *drifts off into a daydream*