Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Harry Pothead

"Hogwart's up in smoke!

19-year-old Jamie Waylett, more famously known as school bully Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movies was arrested on Tuesday in London for marijuana possession! And lots of it!

The Harry PotterSmoker star was caught by Westminster police with eight bags of the wacky weed in his Audi!

Officers swooped on Waylett and a friend in a car after the occupants "were thought to be behaving suspiciously."

It wasn't until police searched Waylett's home that almost $3,000 in marijuana plants were found growing in the young actor's bedroom!!!

Talk about a buzz kill!

Waylett has since been bailed out from jail, but no doubt the stoner's legal troubles are far from over!"

Article from (yes, I read Perez, shut up)


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Pamela Andrews said...

LOL. What a freaking DOUCHEBAG.