Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ugly Swan Song

Unfortunately, the ability to embed videos of Susan Boyle from YouTube have all been disabled. Suck. Still, click on this link, amigos, and tell me what your first impressions of her eyebrows are.

As for her singing, I offer my six years of tertiary education in the field of voice to say that she's OK, and she'll sell a lot of CDs. The new Paul Potts!


Natalie Faye said...

Ali Michael and Hilary Rhoda in another 2 or 3 decades.


We're talking only eyebrows, though. Hah!

Natalie Faye said...

Oh, and...

OMG, so THAT'S what happened to Ant and Dec. Hello, hello, PJ & Duncan. Let's Get Ready to Rhumble, boys!

At my old school, my house (RED HOUSE!) turned their song into a cheer for inter-house track competitions on Sports Day. I think I still remember it...

Freakin' it sweatin' it bustin' the track
Slammin' it jammin' it, a Red House attack
Let's get ready ready
Let's get ready ready
Let's get... Let's get... Let's get... ready ready
Let's get ready to rhumble!
Blue House, take a hike
Green House, we don't like
Yellow Fellows, watch us strike... Psyche!

*wave pom poms*

Good times.

OHHHH this gives me an idea for a new Team Supahero post that everyone can get involved in... I'm off to do it.

Bryony Thorpe said...

When I first saw this on TV, I cried. There was another section of her interview where she was saying how all the children in her village make fun of her, and I was totally ranting at the TV screen going "Arghhh, fucking kids! God, they suck! I can't stand kids." That went on for awhile. I thought she was magnificent. To be fair, though, I cried when I saw Paul Potts, too. And Bianca Ryan. Such amazing, surprising performances. Australia's Got Talent is so crap, by the way.

If she trims, waxes and plucks the John Howard eyebrows, and finds a more flattering wardrobe and hairstyle, she'll go far in Britain's Got Talent this year! Very glad you posted this, Pam!!

Pamela Andrews said...

LOL @ the eyebrows pictures, Nat. Aaaaaargh!

I got a bit teary, too. Not because Boyle is amazing or anything but because I get so emotionally overwraught/overwhelmed/retarded at the audience response to her. Lifts my poor little heart, it does.

Paul Potts was a champ. And Bianca Ryan was a little hottie! I wonder how she's doing now...