Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Team Supahero

Team Supahero is essentially:

Bryony Thorpe
Meghan Hanley
Natalie Faye
Pamela Andrews

Kate Davies

5 girls, 1 blog.

You are horrified. We see.
The members of Team Supahero come from both hemispheres of the globe, and even the equator. We're from Canada, Australia, England and Singapore, and are probably tighter than a virgin's daughter. The brainchild of Natalie and Pammy, this blog was set up to help us keep in touch and tickle us in our spare time.
The rule of the game is simple: in every entry, post about anything under the sun, so long as it falls under one of the following categories...


And if the rest of us don't think so, that team member gets voted off the island.

I think.

Well, cats, that's about it.

Team Supahero OUT...
(...saving the world from the forces of evil, and, you get the idea.)

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