Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Art from Spam and other Viral Marketing

Couldn't resist to post twice in a day. Sorry. I came across this while I was writing my dissertation the other year, and it provided some time wasting for a while. You send in your spam email (or use a default one), and it will email you a link back, and you can create a piece of art with it.

From memory its a site run by a German utilities company. Which leads me onto the next site. This is one shared from a colleague earlier in the year. Nokia has also taken part with the viral like marketing with the Unloader. You seemingly upload a document, it prints it out, and then you can watch it be destroyed in a variety of ways. I think the destruction is the same film every time, but I have not devoted too many geeky moments to looking at it yet.

Finally, a really silly one. Viral marketing that now has its own catchphrase in British discussion. Compare the Market is a popular comparison website for insurance and such, and began a viral campaign of "Compare the Meerkat". A Meerkat explains on the adverts that people are getting the sites confused, but the marketing team went and made the site. Aleksandra (the meerkat) even has a facebook, and habitually updates his status and/or posts things once or twice a day.

It is an amusing place to spend ten minutes, and you'll be proclaiming that everything is "Simples" from then on.


Natalie Faye said...

That Meerkat is so adorable! But wow... I always thought Aleksandra was a female name. O_o

Kate Davies said...

Alexsanda is it? I regret I didn't check and relied on memory!

Kate Davies said...

Aleksandr... a cross!

Meghan Hanley said...

Oh man, the spam recycling one is soooo cool. Didn't realise it just keeps going forever though, so I sat there for a long, long time.