Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Was curious about Natalie's MixPod and have fallen in love with the website. Hope you enjoy these tracks that I've been listening to lately. I think they're all beautiful!

Music Playlist at


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Team Supahero said...

Woooo! Very lovely. Thanks for posting Pammerz. I woke up and this was the first thing I listened to. =)

One thing, though. Do you think you can go edit your playlist on Mixpod and click on "settings", then nix the autoplay? Just coz if all our Mixpods autoplayed, there'd be a clash of sounds on our blog!

Another random tip I have found useful while Mixpodding:
after searching for a song, play all the options that pop up (or at least the first part of the song) just to see which one loads the fastest. You'll be able to see that the 'loading bar' for the fastest loading songs just zoom to the end in 10 seconds or so (sometimes even less). This way, on your Mixpod, the songs don't keep halting when someone plays them, unless they are on a very slow connection - in which case, they'd probably have to pause each song and wait for it to load anyway!

Can you believe this is the first time I've heard John Mayer? Haha. I keep hearing about him - well, mostly in relation to J.Aniston and whatnot - but I've never actually heard HIM. This is what happens when you don't ever listen to the radio...

Love, love! xx