Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bat For Lashes Video & Typos Galore

My brain-hand coordination has been awful today. Earlier on, I went to comment on Kate's Facebook status and meant to say, "It [Bat For Lashes' music] is truly fantasmo" and wound up typing "They are truly fantasmo." Because in my head, rather than the word 'music', there was a picture of eyelashes and there were obviously more than one . Then after hitting reply, I thought, "Wait... WHAT?" And then commented again saying I meant 'it is' instead of 'they are'. Then I almost commented a third time to say, "Oh but actually, the first sentence could be read as they (Bat For Lashes) are, so ignore my second comment because you probably don't realise what I'm talking about." But before I hit send, I remembered that Bat For Lashes is only Natasha Khan and there is no 'they', so just what kind of crack am I on? 

Earlier on, I also said to my friend, "he's a slut" after she told me there was this skank continually hitting on her boyfriend. And she got slightly offended and I had no idea why till I realised my 'he' was actually missing a crucial 's' at the start.

And, talking to Meghan on AIM, I just, not 2 seconds ago, called Maximus "Maximum". 

To console myself, I went on a search for typos that would make me look like the Grammar & Spelling Queen of the Internet. 

Anyway, I'm glad Kate posted that Bat For Lashes update because it reminded me of this odd video I saw last year. I don't even known why it creeps me out but it kind of does every time I watch it - especially when those 'animals' come riding their bicycles out of nowhere, then start jumping around on their bikes and slinking back behind her. It's reminiscent of how giant robots and animatronic creatures freaked me out when I was a kid. 


Kate Davies said...

I amuse myself no end at work with typos. When you have to populate a hundred strong database with information about traffic calming and car park systems, you start to get amused by "illuminated rising bollards" as you spell it "illuminated rising bollocks".

I can't think of any particularly notible client slip ups, but Mum sent an email to her friend the other night, to remind her to search for train tickets. Her friend replied "I'll do a troll", meaning trawl, but the mental image tickled mum thoroughly.

As for Bat for Lashes, I find myself wondering how they shot it all! She performed on Joolz Holland the other night, and I found "Daniel" rather catchy and looked them up. Reading a little reminded me of your interest in fairytale like subjects, Nat, so I'm not surprised you knew about her already in retrospect! :)

Natalie Faye said...

Judging from what I can see, I think that Natasha and all the other cyclists were filmed separately in front of blue screens so that the whole thing could be edited together later. The road and scenery (including the 'ghosts') were added during the post-production process. Still, the Master Shot would have had to be done in one super long, uninterrupted take, which is always hard, especially with movement involved. At first, I thought it had been done with Natasha on a stationary bike and a wind machine blowing her hair, which would have made it quite straightforward to shoot but at two points in the video, the camera actually zooms out and the whole bike can be seen. Alternatively, the stunt bikers could've been the only ones to be filmed in front of a blue screen and added in later, while Natasha was actually riding alone down that road with the camera on a moving dolly or car mount in front of her. Buuuut, that is all speculation. I honestly have no idea haha.

I actually first heard of Bat For Lashes from a painfully hipster friend of mine and I thought it was going to be some band playing cow bells and harmonicas with random chickens clucking for extra indie cred (just coz that is the sort of music he typically enjoys) but then I went and looked up her music and was pleasantly surprised! Very atmospheric but not over-produced. Haven't heard the new album yet, though!

Pamela Andrews said...

I just heard of Bat For Lashes because Stephen Fry twittered about it.

LOVED the typos. Hahaha, suckerssssssssss.

Meghan Hanley said...

All those typos remind me of the Miss USA pageant where in the audience, friends and family were holding up signs to spell out 'MISS CALIFORNIA' or something to that effect. Sadly, it appears they got confused, for they were supporting 'MISS CALIFORINA' instead.

Also Bat For Lashes is super rad, though that video creeps me out in a Donnie Darko sort of way. Shudder.